Inspiring Australians Oration

Kevin Sheedy AO

The 2020 Inspiring Australians Oration was delivered by Kevin Sheedy AO at the Melbourne Town Hall on Wednesday February 26.

Kevin Sheedy AO is recognised as a VFL/AFL player, coach and ambassador he has had one of the most successful careers in Australian sporting history. There is much more to Kevin than football. He is a marketer, a thinker, an innovator, the holder of awards for community service and an inspirational speaker, capable of talking about topics way beyond the boundaries of sport. Kevin Sheedy is a man for all seasons, and for all reasons.

Kevin reminded members we all have a bank of knowledge gained over many years, use it now to make a difference before it is too late; don’t put the cue in the rack and sit back. He has always looked at ways to solve issues and doesn’t accept broad brush negative responses, if he did the ANZAC Day and Dreamtime at the G would never be AFL blockbusters. Noting the challenges people on the land experience, Kevin established the “Country Game” Round in 2016 noting people across regional Australia don’t get enough recognition for their tireless work on the land.

Australia Day 2019 Kevin Sheedy was elevated to an Officer of the Order of Australia for his distinguished service to Australian Rules football as a senior coach, and to education and employment programs for young people.