Student Citizenship Awards

***Nominations have now closed for the 2019 Student Citizenship Awards***

Since 2003, the Association, encouraged by school leaders, has successfully offered prestigious awards and certificates to year 11 and 12 students nominated by their respective schools and colleges, and selected by an adjudication panel as worthy of recognition for their contribution to citizenship in South Australia.

The awards – known as Student Citizenship Awards – are not for academic or sporting achievements but are intended to recognise those young people who contribute broadly to school and/or general communities. They exemplify the Association’s objective “to foster love of and pride in Australian citizenship”.

The ten most worthy students, in addition to a certificate, receive a plaque and the student judged most worthy also receives a trophy as Student Citizen of the Year. Presentation of these awards have, in the past, been made at a function hosted by His Excellency – the Governor of the day – where the Governor has received the students and presented them with their award.

Assessment is based on the following criteria –

  • Production of significant benefits for members of the school and/or general community.
  • Leadership and influence of peers by example.
  • Demonstration of skills in organisation, management and communication.
  • Outstanding citizenship displayed by assisting group(s) in need e.g. disadvantaged, elderly, homeless youth – over a period of time or by otherwise making a significant contribution to community development.
  • Initiative and concern demonstrated for the advancement or well-being of others.
  • Demonstrated pride in Australian citizenship.

These criteria have no hierarchy or priority and all are of equal value. Nominees need not satisfy all criteria.

Student Citizenship Awards – 2019

Nominations are now invited for the 2019 Student Citizenship Awards from the SA Branch of the Order of Australia Association. Each school or college is entitled to nominate up to two students from Years 11 and/or 12 who satisfy the criteria listed below for these prestigious awards.

***Please note : Students nominated from past years are eligible to be renominated but any of these students who were received at Government House previously, will be ranked only on achievements since that recognition.

The awards are intended to recognise those young people who contribute broadly to school and/or general communities rather than for specific academic or sporting achievements. The Awards exemplify the Association’s objective “to foster love of and pride in Australian citizenship”

All nominations received are considered by an adjudication panel and those students judged worthy of recognition will receive a ‘Highly Commended’ certificate signed by His Excellency the Governor of South Australia and Patron of this Branch of the Association.

The ten students judged most worthy, will also be invited to receive a special plaque at an award ceremony, likely to be hosted by His Excellency at Government House later in the year. At this ceremony, the 2019 Student Citizen of the Year will be announced.

In keeping with the aim of the Association to raise awareness about The Order of Australia, each school / college will be encouraged to invite a member of the Association – an Australian Honours recipient – to attend a suitable school function, probably in term 4, to present the Student Citizenship Award certificate to the recipient student. Arrangements for the member’s attendance will be coordinated by the Convenor in conjunction with and subject to approval from the school / college.

The assessment for student nominations worthy to receive a Student Citizenship Award will be based on the criteria set out in the nomination form. Please note that the criteria differ slightly from previous years and therefore nomination forms from preceding years should NOT be used for 2019.

Please click on the following links to download the form in Word Format or PDF Format