Chairman’s Message

Dear NSW Members,

Since my last update on 12 May, we have heard from more NSW Members as part of our “Thanks for Asking” Initiative. Three of those are included in this note: Patricia Slattery OAM in Ettalong, Jennifer Butt OAM in Moruya Heads, and Dr Sophie Masson AM, in New England.

Thank you to all of our Members who have so generously shared their COVID-19 Journeys with us. It has been interesting to hear how families are dealing with these most unusual circumstances, but also uplifting to read about the very innovative things they have been doing to help those close to them, and others in the community.

We held a virtual Committee Meeting on May 23 and I am pleased to let you know that John Archer OAM has been appointed Vice Chair of The Order of Australia Association National Committee. As a result of John’s new role, Jim Mein AM has been appointed as the NSW Branch Director of the National Association. We extend our congratulations to both John and Jim for these well deserved appointments.
I have written letters of congratulations to close to 250 new Queen’s Birthday Honours Awardees on behalf of the Committee, and our NSW Members. We will look forward to welcoming them in person when they have their investitures at Government House once the COVID-19 restrictions are eased further. And to meeting them, their families and friends, and current Members, when we hold our Welcome Luncheons for them and the Australia Day Awardees hopefully later in 2020, or early 2021.

We will also plan for an Annual Association Luncheon as soon as feasible.

We are reviewing our Membership Value as part of our ongoing commitment to making membership of The Order of Australia Association NSW Branch relevant to our more than 2400 members, and to encourage new Awardees to become Members in the future. As part of this review we will be doing an online survey in the coming months. We hope you will participate in that, and also you may be interested in looking at the Draft OAA Constitution mentioned on page 12 of The Order, May 2020 edition.

It can be accessed at

Chairmans Message

Dear Association Members,

Further to my Chairman’s Report in the February issue of “The Order”, I wanted to give you an update on events relevant to our Association for the first three months of 2020.

Peter Ronald Alfred Falk OAM – CHAIRMAN

Following the devastating drought in NSW, the catastrophic bush fires in many regions, and the floods, we are now facing another major challenge in the form of the Corona Virus Pandemic declared by the Prime Minister on February 27.

This is a very worrying time for everyone, not only in NSW, and Australia, but around the world, as we all see on our daily media updates.

With the March 18 Government advice banning non-essential meetings of more than 100 people, the Governor has decided to cancel the May 2020 Investitures in the interest of the health and well-being of guests to Government House. We have therefore cancelled our May 7 Australia Day awardee lunch at Parliament House. I have written to all 260 Awardees to let them know.

Some of you will know that the Southern Highland’s Regional Group reception was cancelled in Bowral last week. The Hastings Regional Group luncheon on 19 March, and the Clarence/Richmond Regional Group event on Sunday 29 March are also cancelled. I am afraid to say that any future Association events will no doubt be put on hold until the Government issues further advice. We will put all updates on our website, including information about our Annual Branch luncheon currently scheduled for 29 July.

You will be aware that the National Conference in Darwin in May has also been cancelled.

On 25 February we welcomed 45 Members to our AGM, at which we confirmed the Committee going forward:

Peter Falk OAM, Branch Chairman; Jim Mein AM, Deputy Chairman; Martha Jabour OAM, Hon Secretary; Gail Dunne OAM, Hon Treasurer; John Archer

OAM, National Director; and Committee Members: Chris Dunne, Web Coordinator, Louise Davis, Communications and Community Liaison, A/Prof John Gullotta AM Metropolitan Coordinator Events and Public Relations, Dr Frank Kelleher AM, OA Youth Community Service Awards Convenor, Ron Sharpe OAM, Regional Coordinator, Michael Maher OAM, Membership Officer and Carolyn Lyons OAM will Chair the Youth Service Alumni Group.

On March 7 we welcomed >70 members and guests at a very interesting Forum with guest speaker Gemma Sisia, who shared stories about her work in Tanzania with the School of St Jude which she founded 18 years ago.

Our Youth Community Service Awards program is now in its 28th year and, pending any advice about possible school closures, it will continue to thrive in 2020 under the excellent direction of Dr Frank Kelleher OAM.

As advised in February, our new Membership Officer, Michael Maher OAM, has started in his new role by implementing a Membership Value Review, with the help of our Community Liaison, Louise Davis AM and a small subcommittee, comprising Michael, Louise, and our Metropolitan Events Manager, A/Prof John Gullotta AM and our Regional Coordinator Ron Sharpe OAM.

The subcommittee will propose a Plan for consideration by the Branch Committee in the coming weeks, and we will give you an update as soon as that is completed. We do hope to survey our >2400 members in NSW; however, we may put this on hold for the immediate future while everyone’s focus will be on staying well, and helping each other as best we can.

Peter Falk OAM
The Order of Australia Association
NSW Branch Chairman