Chairmans Message


It is a great privilege to be elected as Chairman of the Order of Australia Association NSW Branch. I hope that we can provide interesting times for our members.

We are so fortunate to have so many highly respected people on our committee.

I have outlined two or three priorities for the incoming committee.

Firstly our regional areas need to know how much we care for them and we have appointed  Ron Sharpe OAM to re-establish links with some of them and provide the necessary support for those areas that are struggling for workers on the ground.

Secondly, I have asked Louise Davis AM to review the branch activities.  She will start with a blank piece of paper and who knows where we will finish up.

These two major activities will go together with the work Frank Kelleher OAM is doing with the John Lincoln awards.

A new initiative has been the appointment of John Archer OAM as NSW Branch Director.

Carolyn Lyons OAM has had some health issues and despite that she has created some new initiatives and we all wish her well in her role as Honorary Secretary.

Jim Mein AM and I hope that in our roles as Chairman and Deputy Chairman we can bring a new sense of optimism to all our members

Already we have changed the way people apply for their tickets to functions and I hope that this will prove a success for the members and their guests.