ACT Student Citizenship Awards

The ACT Branch of the Order of Australia Association is proud to sponsor annual awards to ACT school students and schools for voluntary community service and demonstration of good citizenship.

There are three types of award:

  • For individual students from Year 3 – Year 12 who have demonstrated sustained outstanding community service and/or citizenship projects which are making a positive difference.
  • For Year 10, Year 11 and 12 students, or students doing a gap year in Australia or overseas, for outstanding individual leadership and achievement.
  • For student group activities in community service and/or citizenship projects which are making a positive difference.

Individual awards are marked by an engraved medallion and a certificate.  

Recipient schools receive an engraved plaque to signify the group awards.

Certificates of commendation may also be awarded.

Nominations are called from principals of schools and colleges by the last day of Term 2.

Awards are given at a special presentation ceremony arranged by the Association.

We will be calling for nominations for 2020 Student Awards in Term 1.

Past Recipients: